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Welcome To PywE

The best place for your online progamming courses and I.T Services

PywE is a Ghanaian online educational platform. We provide programming educational materials for both individuals and institutions (High Schools and Universities).

We make your learning personal, at your own pace, fun and smooth. We also design websites, build automated response robots for websites, build web technologies and market your products online. Our specialty is in building the best of the web and solving problems facing major areas such as Health, Transport, Education..,etc

We are here to lend a hand to the Ghanaian Educational System especially in Computer Science. Explore the site.

Online Courses

We offer online,personalised and self-paced programming courses, for individuals and institutions

Progressive Programs

Take our progressive courses and grow your skills progressively.


With a global scope and an adaptation to local culture we aim to change the teaching and learning of computer science wherever we reach.

Who we are?

We are programming enthusiasts who think everyone needs to learn how to program. Every member on board therefore brings in the same kind of vision and with so much passion wants to help those out there ready to learn. We strive to make our lessons simple, straight-forward and interesting. We design beautiful responsive web applications, do online marketing for your products and also build automated response robots for your sites.

Our mission

To make personalised Education, especially in Technology, available and easily accessible to everyone.

To aid in solving one of the world's top problems;Education, with our technolgies

Why Choose Us

Popular Courses

We offer popular computer science courses with focus on practical aspects. We teach you how to actually build and not just know.

Qualified Teachers

Our Tutors are builders in the field of programming and therefore are higly qualified to show you the path to becoming a better developer

24/7 Online Support

The Team is always available to offer support, our online Bot can help with some queries and when it cannot, humans are available.

How It Works?

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With powerful search algorithms, you can search our courses by keywords and phrases.

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Our course outlines are provided with curation and you in mind

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