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Pharst Care Exhibition at Campupreneurs summit

The team was given this opportunity by <Code 57>,  an innovative group that seeks to push all young people who are changing Africa in one way the other. The event was held at the Amegashie Auditorium, located in the University of Ghana Business School. Mr. Basil S. Damankah, Mr. Kelvin Bernard Clive, to name a few, were among the keynote speakers invited for the occasion. 

Participants were allowed to socialise, network and sample products available after the speakership session granting the PywE Team the opportunity to introduce Phars+ Care to people. 

Phars+ Care is an app created by the PywE team that aims at solving or reducing significantly the challenge of going to one pharmacy after the other in search of drugs. After keying in the drug you want to buy, a list of nearby pharmacies is shown. The pharmacies are located based on the user's location at that particular time. The app has two languages available at the moment: English and French.

The PywE Team hopes to get across to a lot of people in various location with the Phars+ Care app in the near future.

Images from the event