Programming Lessons

Getting Started with Programming

What at all is programming, let's explore some of your basic questions about programming here


Have you ever wondered how computers like your laptop or your phone work?

Storing information

Have you ever forgotten a distant relative's name or a friend's birthday? Well, computers don't forget these things when they're told to remember them.

Making decisions

Because computers can't think, they can't make decisions by themselves. That's why they need rules to guide them.

Repeating things

While computers can't think, they can repeat tasks over and over again and never get bored.

Making lists

Now that we know how to store values, what if we want to store multiple values, like a bunch of friends?

Bundling instructions

Sequences often contain parts that come up multiple times and in very similar ways

Avoiding pitfalls

So, the good news is that computers don't make mistakes. The bad news is that...

Using computer-speak

As you know, computers are pretty great if they're given precise instructions...

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